So here is the idea! 


We have been making plans for two different types of events in the area. The first type of events is meant to act as simple fundraisers for our organization. Such as our initial, donation-based spaghetti dinners or the BINGO events at Jackpots Hall!


The second scheduled events are what we have coined 'Lift Events'. This is when we take a portion of the proceeds from the fundraisers and provide people with food, clothing and basic necessities like the homeless outreach. 


The ultimate, long-term goal for The Lift Lansing Project is to provide food, shelter and safety for families and individuals so they can secure their own housing and employment by providing transitional housing.


We have plenty of work opportunities that result in direct donations toward our cause! We need a minimum and have opportunities for 16 people per week! 

We are not there YET! 

So please, if you have any ideas for fundraising or Lift Events or interest to join the cause do not hesitate to reach out today!


We would love to hear from you!